Delta Rewards Points

Welcome to the Delta Rewards Program

We are excited to introduce you to our new Delta Rewards Program! To thank you for being a loyal customer, we created this program that helps you earn discounts and save! Through the Delta Rewards Program, you can accumulate points that can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases. To participate, you must have or create an account at & logged in at time of purchase. Guest purchases will not be eligible for the program and do not earn rewards. 

Delta Reward points can be earned in three, easy ways.

Shop, Share, Socialize

Earn Points When You Shop: Earn 1 Delta Reward point for each $20 you spend. Once you reach the Gold Level, you will earn 1 Delta Reward point for every $15 spent. When you reach the Platinum Level, you will earn 1 Delta Reward for every $10 you spend. One Delta Reward point is equal to $1.

Earn Points When You Share: Through our new program, you can earn additional Delta Reward points when you share SHOP1913 on Facebook or Twitter. Simply share SHOP1913 from your Delta Reward dashboard for points to be earned.

Earn Points When You Socialize: Everything is better with friends! Now, you can earn Delta Reward Points when you refer SHOP1913 to your sorority sisters, family members and friends! You earn points when they make purchases (for you, we hope)!

How it works: Each Delta Reward program participant will be assigned a code that will link back to your profile (This code is for referral use only and not personal use). When you share your code with someone and they make a purchase using your code at checkout, you will earn 10 Delta Reward points. They will also receive a discount that they can use on their first purchase! So you earn points and they save money… everyone wins!

It’s just that simple! Shop, Share, Socialize and $AVE!

Leveling Up is Also Easy

Delta Level                              Up to $300 in annual purchases*

Gold Level                               $301 to $499 in annual purchases*

Platinum Level                        $500+ in annual purchases*

*Excludes chapter bulk purchases made via call in or mail in. Any bulk orders made online, points are awarded to that login account

Welcome to the Delta Rewards Program. Let’s start earning points!